One of the reasons that I enjoy working at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Elementary is that we all work together; we are like one big family. We are all here for the same purpose, which is for the children. We all work together to make sure that the children are in a safe and positive environment. We encourage the parents to take part in school field trips and school actives with the children. I’m coming up on my 4th school year here at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Elementary School and there is no where else that I rather be, then working here.

Mrs. Rachel, Teacher

” This is my fifth year working at Horizon Science Academy and I hope to be a part of this team for many more years to come. I have taught grades 5-8, as well as both math and language arts, and am currently working in administration. I love the support that we get from our administration here and the freedom to try new things to make sure that our students succeed. I absolutely love our students and they are my motivation for continuing to drive over 30 miles in each morning everyday. It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to coming in to work. Not many people can say that and I am very lucky that I can.

Melissa Haines, Teacher

I have been a student at Horizon Science Academy for three school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done and there’s tutoring if we need it. There are many opportunities for Horizon students. For example, some eighth grade students are able to take high school algebra and at the same time receive high school credit for the subject. But with all that work we should have a break once in a while, right? I like that Horizon has many activities available for students. It is fun when we go to new cities and places. There is also the annual trip to Turkey in the summer. There are various clubs and the teachers make the assignments fun with science fairs and school projects.”

Selena Bostick, Student

Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School (yeah, I know it’s a mouthful) is a great school. The teachers are very qualified and I know they want us to succeed. I can’t stay away from this school. I tried another school for one day (one day!) and I came home and told my mother, “I’m not going back. Take me back to Horizon.” We do fun activities and we’re all really close. Mrs. Kline is the ever-hilarious Language Arts teacher but she is also very serious when it comes to our work. Ms. Kratz, my math teacher, is really good at what she does. Whenever I think something is hard, she makes it so easy. Ms. Maimone is kind of wacky (J) but she’s a good teacher and she is real serious about good behavior. Ms. Haines, the dean of students, is great, too. The students, my friends, are so funny and smart. I mean, everyone here is destined for a great future. They’re part of the reason I came back.”

Sophia Hardy, Student


I did not know that choosing a middle school would have been such a difficult decision. I wanted my son to be able to excel in his academic studies, and be an active participant in his education. I chose Horizon Science Academy because from the first day I stepped into the school, it was what I was looking for. I love Horizon because it is justifying to know that my son is an excellent student, and his teachers think he is a joy to have in class.”

Chenita Fairly, Parent

” My children are attending Horizon Science Academy for the third year. Since day one, my husband and I have been pleased with the staff and the educational structure of the school. You can access your child’s grades and homework assignments online and if my children are struggling in class, there is tutoring available. Every teacher has a genuine concern for each student and helps them to succeed and prepares them for high school and beyond. I gladly recommend Horizon to other parents.”

Karin Spratt, Parent